Let’s face it, no shoe is more comfortable than a pair of nice fitting sneakers.  At Ferresi we’ve created a sneaker with upper section, insole and linings made of 100% fine Italian leather. So it won’t wear out, lose support over time or give you sweaty feet. 

Not sure what size to buy? We will provide a free, personalized consultation over email to find the perfect size for you. Simply email us at with your concerns and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you could order multiple pairs to find your perfect shoe. If it fits, keep it. If not, return it - easily and free of charge.

Where luxury meets Functionality

The sole in Eva foam offers an out-standing support and cushion, and creates a superior insulation between your feet and the ground. This sneaker is perfect for long walks in the city, even in rainy days.

Because of its lipstick-red insert and golden rings on the upper section, this sneaker’s character is both sporty and sophisticated.

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