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Revolutionizing widths. And fashion standards.

A woman’s sexiest trait is confidence, and the purest form of beauty is given by being yourself proudly and effortlessly.

The fashion industry today offers nothing but shoes that we can’t wait to take off. You are forced to choose between designer shoes that are beautiful but painful and bulky, ugly comfort footwear. It has failed to create a product that makes us look classy and edgy but, at the same time, won’t hurt with every step. It has failed to understand that women with narrow and thin feet are a rarity outside of runways. Similarly, it has failed to understand that real women come with every size, and have to wear the same pair of shoes for several hours at a time. So discomfort cannot be an option. And unattractive look is not an option either, as women deserve to look beautiful at every phase, size, or situation in their lives.


Ferresis don’t come in regular widths. We focus exclusively on delivering an exceptionally comfortable fit to women with wide and thick feet.
After months of research and tests, we’ve developed our own lasts in width-size W.  This means that our fit is not only wider than regular shoes, but also features a wider girth of the upper section. 
Whether you have a wide bone structure, issues with bunions, or are a curvy woman tired of wearing tight shoes that hurt your feet, Ferresi will bring back to you the pleasure of wearing a beautiful pair of shoes that fit properly.