Revolutionizing widths

Beauty and comfort both can – and must – be the foundation of everything we wear. This is what we stand for at Ferresi. We are committed to deliver shoes of outstanding elegance and quality in sizes that all other fashion houses have historically been neglecting.

Our shoes don’t come in regular width. We focus exclusively on bringing an exceptionally comfortable fit to women with wide feet.

After a long research and series of tests, we’ve developed our signature fit in width-size W. It is a revolution in the geometric dimensions of the footbed, but without altering the outer proportions of the shoe which are necessary to obtain a sleek look.

Whether you have a wide bone structure, issues with bunions, or thick feet, Ferresi will bring back to you the pleasure of wearing a beautiful pair of shoes that fit properly.

NOTE: our fit is wide, not extra-wide. Although it is unique to Ferresi, it can be compared to the C/D width size of other brands.