Passion, tradition and talent craft our masterpieces

Making shoes by hand is an art. But handcrafting shoes in Marche is legend.

Ferresis are handmade by a team of artisans that have learned the secrets of the job from previous generations, and have perfected the process for decades. 
Everything starts with a last - a wooden recreation of the foot which gives the shoe its fit. At Ferresi we have developed our own unique lasts in width-size W, after months of research and tests, to achieve the perfect fit. 
Leather cutting is the first step. Leather hemming can be compared to the drawing of a map that the needle and thread will follow in the stitching process. The upper section then goes through a phase of skiving and giunteria, where the different parts are put together for the first time and the shoe starts to obtain its shape.
At this point, the upper section is fastened to the last and mastic is applied to the bottom in preparation for stitching.
The finishing touches include polishing of the heel and upper section, as well as a meticulous quality control during which each shoe is scrutinized for the smallest imperfections.


An easy way to distinguish good from exceptional materials in shoes is the way they change over time.  Average shoes will tend to wear out and lose support. But not Ferresis.
Our shoes feature upper sections made of 100% of the finest curated calfskin, linings in tender goat leather and real cuoio bottoms.
Because we carefully select only first-choice materials, a pair of Ferresis will become increasingly more comfortable over time. After a wears, the upper section will begin to mold around your foot and ultimately achieve a glove-like fit.


A pair of Ferresis is made to last a long time.
Starting from timeless designs, to the selection of long-lasting natural materials. Our products are artisan masterpieces that reflect centuries of tradition and invaluable know-how passed down through generations.
From leather tanning and cutting to skiving, folding, binding and stitching – every step of the production process is done by hand by specialized artisans.
The result is an exceptionally robust product that will not deteriorate over time and will only require basic care.