Our Heritage

Some companies offer made-in-Italy shoes for just a little over $100 per pair. Ever wondered how that is possible? Even with larger economies of scale, the cost of raw materials and labor alone will exceed that amount for a state-of-the art pair.
The answer is they don’t sell the real Made-in-Italy. Unfortunately, there are entire regions in the Country where fashion manufacturing relies on industrial machinery, underpaid immigrant workers and second choice materials. This results in poor quality products that have low production costs but can be legally sold as Made-in-Italy. This sad and exploitative strategy is not only unethical as it tricks consumers in hundreds of countries, but also harmful to the reputation of the Italian manufacturing and design excellence.
At Ferresi, we manufacture in the Marche – a region that is still untouched by this scary phenomenon. Here, entire communities revolve around the production of fine footwear. Most are family businesses, manufacturing either finished footwear or parts such as soles, heels, curated leather etc.  The finest Italian craftsmanship, which will turn a pair of footwear into a masterpiece made to last forever, is the norm in the Marche.
An easy way to distinguish good from exceptional materials in shoes is the way they change over time.  Average shoes will tend to wear out and lose support. But not Ferresis.
Our shoes feature uppers made of 100% of the finest curated calfskin, linings in tender goat leather and real cuoio bottoms.
Because we carefully select only first-choice materials,  a pair of Ferresis will become increasingly more comfortable over time.  After a few times wearing your shoes, the upper will begin to mold around your foot and ultimately achieve a glove-like fit.
A pair of Ferresis is made to last a long time.
Starting from timeless designs, to the selection of long-lasting natural materials. Our products are artisanal masterpieces that reflect centuries of tradition and invaluable knowledge passed down through generations.
From leather tanning and cutting to skiving, folding, binding and stitching – every step of the production process is done by hand by specialized artisans.
The result is an exceptionally robust product that will not deteriorate over time and only require some basic care.