First choice leathers and parts

When it comes to quality, Ferresi strives for the top. The leathers used to make a pair of Ferresis are simply the finest in the world, as the meticulous work of our artisans would be ruined if we didn't provide them with the most exquisite materials to work with.

This is why at Ferresi we carefully handpick and examine every batch of leather that we purchase. Each material is not only selected to best match the style and functionality of each design, but also sourced from the most trusted suppliers in the industry - who guarantee the highest standards of animals' welfare in their farms.

All the other structural components of the shoes are sourced locally in the Marche region, where most of the economy revolves around the production of the finest footwear in the world.

Once provided with such superior level materials and components, our artisans utilize their talent and experience to craft some true masterpieces that take hours to complete. An absolute rarity in today's footwear offerings, where most manufacturing is based on cost reduction and time efficiency. 

The materials used for the manufacturing of our shoes are:

  • 100% Calfskin for the the upper sections
  • 100% Goat leather for the insoles and linings
  • 100% Real cuoio for the soles
  • Top-notch Eva Foam for the sole of Vittoria - our beautiful sneaker.